Watching our parents suffer in careers that didn’t bring them fulfillment. Understanding now that they didn’t see that they had a choice. All this while negotiating the contours of immigration, trauma, and poverty. 

We’re trained to be quiet, to be accommodating, to be productive. We’re taught not to trust ourselves, to live for others, to delay our joy. In short, we’re taught to betray ourselves. 

Today feels different. 


Serena Moy-Pereira is a Chinese-American content creator focused on slow fashion and social issues as a native to the Bay Area. Born in San Francisco and raised in San Leandro, Serena continues to live East Bay with her husband and three adopted dogs. While studying environmental design and critical theory of race and gender in school, a concept through social media was born at the height of the pandemic. Her platform represents a breath of fresh air cutting through typical influence in search of community. Serena is passionate about interlinking creative work with community empowerment. This online folder serves as a supportive resource to her Instagram platform.


A personal note — I believe we all have a role to play no matter what we choose in life. Everything and anything we do must be impactful because ultimately our presence does leave a footprint. It is a privilege to work honestly for the community I exist in. 


It is my intention to push the boundaries of design with intersectional work towards creating an equal and safe environment. My areas of passion for intentional change is focused on prison reform, finding community, amplifying diverse content, feminism and the many nuances that come with breaking the beauty standard.